The “what” and “why” of Code Challenge

So you’re thinking about jumping in with our Code Challenges? Congratulations! The world appreciates your contribution. We know we can't do it alone and we understand the need to get great help from developers like you who understands equity and domain partnership or ownership if its on the table.

What is Code Challenge

CODEChallenge is geared for coders, development companies that simply would like to contribute for some equity or part ownership or stake in the domains that are added in the code challenges.

If you join our community, you will be bombarded with words like Contrib, and frameworks. Contrib is our contribution network and where we allow people to contribute to a specific project or domain.

All our domains are run on frameworks. They are considered open source and is available on our github and docker pages. But don't go there for now. We need you to understand how to join and be a part of Code Challenge online bootcamp.

So if Contrib runs the contribution part, and domains run on frameworks, what is your part?

Your part is to help us on any of the frameworks we place on Code Challenge and make it better, make it useable not just for our company but for all.

Why would you want to Contrib?

There are many reasons why you would want to contribute.

The consensus, it seems, is that it's only fair to pay your friends in the community back by making improvements wherever you see them. After all, the developers of the open source world put the considerable efforts of their friends to work in their own software every single day.

And the net result is that your choice for a better way of doing things becomes even better, constantly.

How to Contrib?

You have to have a github profile account so if you have'nt signed up, then I think now is the time for you to build your Github profile

Next please create a developer account at

Once you have joined, you can now check out our api http://api.contrib.comafter you get your api key then follow these simple steps below.

  • You will find all code challenges on the Challenges page and their accompanying Github or Docker link.
  • Fork or clone the framework you want to dabble or Contrib to.
  • Fork in github or clone in Docker
  • Submit your entries on the accompanying folder on the Challenges page.

Framework Challenges

These are the open source frameworks that are included in our Code Challenge bootcamp.

All you really need to do is pick one up and go crazy. Make it better. Make it more useful. Make it user and admin friendly.

Challenge Framework

Our challenge framework is ok, but needs a lot of work. The feature of this framework is to allow visitors of the website to interact with any of our open challenges and join.

Sample of a framework that runs on our Challenge framework is

This framework is integrated within our Contrib builder. By reading our api, you can create fields, edit them so that all entries can be managed in the domains control center.

Current Challenges

  • Framework is using an outdated bootstrap css. Convert all pages to a newer one.
  • Design needs to have a fresher approach
  • Pages need to load fast.
  • No user profile backend. All members are going to and from
  • Participants do not load
  • Admin backend should be present. Currently there is no admin backend. All management is from VNOC.
  • No mobile app yet

Fork, clone or pull



  • Equity points will be awarded by the judges
  • Cash prizes will be awarded
  • You will be featured in our developer vertical and our challenge vertical composing of 4000k sites.

Criteria for Judging

  • Codebase should be using our api/sdk
  • Codebase should be able to work in linux flavors
  • Relevance to the theme and objective.
  • Sell-ability: How useful is the application for the mass-market? Would customers use it?
  • You did it!

    Congratulations on joining your first code challenge. No matter the outcome, working in public is a gift to the community. With every commit, comment, and pull request, you’re creating opportunities for yourself and for others to learn and grow.